Broken Pew Ministries

Empowering Transformation Through Faith

Broken Pew Ministries is a compassionate, faith-driven organization dedicated to providing spiritual support and biblical guidance to individuals who feel marginalized or unsupported by traditional church settings. Established with a heart for inclusivity and understanding, this ministry endeavors to bridge the gap between conventional religious practices and the diverse needs of its community members. Guided by core biblical principles, Broken Pew Ministries offers a sanctuary for open dialogue, healing, and growth, fostering a nurturing environment where all individuals, irrespective of their backgrounds or struggles, can find solace and spiritual nourishment. Their mission is rooted in the belief that every person deserves a spiritual home where they can explore, question, and strengthen their faith in a supportive and loving atmosphere.

Welcome to Broken Pew Ministries

Empowering Hearts, Embracing Differences

Discover a sanctuary of compassion and understanding where faith meets inclusivity. Join us on a journey of spiritual growth and acceptance.

Our Focus

Broken Pew Ministries, with a vision to minister to those feeling disenfranchised or marginalized by traditional churches, emphasizes these core values:


1. **Inclusivity:** Embracing all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances, reflecting Jesus Christ's teachings of unconditional love and acceptance.

2. **Compassion:** Demonstrating empathy and understanding towards those who feel overlooked or neglected by conventional religious practices.

3. **Biblical Guidance:** Upholding the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible as the foundational source of wisdom and instruction.

4. **Community Support:** Building a supportive and nurturing community that fosters spiritual growth and personal healing.

5. **Non-Judgmental Outreach:** Providing a safe, non-judgmental space for spiritual exploration and expression.

6. **Service and Charity:** Actively engaging in acts of service and charity, following Christ's example of helping the needy and marginalized.

7. **Spiritual Growth:** Encouraging personal and communal spiritual development through prayer, study, and worship.

8. **Authenticity:** Promoting genuine, honest relationships and interactions, both within the ministry and in the wider community.


These values align with our mission to provide a welcoming environment for those who may feel alienated from traditional church settings, while staying true to the core teachings of Christianity.

Spiritual Support

Providing spiritual guidance and support for individuals seeking a deeper connection with their faith journey. Offering bible studies, counseling, wedding and funeral assistance where clergy is needed, and a  Ordination process for those God has called to be Pastors.


Embracing diversity and creating a welcoming space for all members of the community to feel valued and respected. While staying true to biblical teaching.

Healing Spaces

Offering a safe haven for emotional healing and growth, promoting wholeness and restoration in individuals' lives.

Community Outreach

Engaging with the community through volunteer programs and initiatives that extend a helping hand to those in need.

Members Supported

Communities Engaged

Volunteer Hours

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